Polished concrete, glass, timber and brick!

We recently manufactured and installed a concrete counter top and fireplace. Emma Cullinan writes about it in the Irish Times
‘Glass, timber, brick – recipe for light-filled kitchen

A gloomy B&B in Drumcondra has been converted to let in the light by Emma Cullinan

Sitting in the sky-brightened, industrial style kitchen of this Victorian redbrick in Drumcondra, Dublin, with its generous slabs and stretches of timber, glass, concrete and brick, it is hard to believe this room was once light-locked.
Simple palette
Furlong and Brennan came up with a simple palette: glass, timber, brick and concrete – all drawing from what was in the house already but in a contemporary way. The concrete worktops in the kitchen are glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC)……..
Follow this link to read on https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/homes-and-property/interiors/glass-timber-brick-recipe-for-light-filled-kitchen-1.3043752?mode=amp

Andrew Griffin Construction, Athy
Windows, doors and joinery:
Derg Joinery : dergjoinery.com
Kitchen, utility and bench:
Darren Langrell Furniture: darrenlangrell.ie
Concrete counters and fireplaces:
Concretefair: concretefair.ie