Polished concrete vanities, bowls and shower panels

Bathroom vanity concrete top

Bathroom vanity with concrete top

Polished concrete vanities, bowls and shower panels

The vanity is a major focal point in the bathroom. With the right vanity, this space can go from a dark and dreary space, into one that is warm and inviting. That’s why it is important to consider what concrete vanity tops are available and to determine the best one to work within the space.

Thanks to the unique nature of concrete, you’ll find that this surface is one that is easier to keep clean. You can wipe it down with ease as you are cleaning the bathroom and that will mean you spend less time scrubbing and cleansing. In fact, thanks to the smooth surface top, you’ll find this is easier to clean than most concrete vanities on the market.

Each vanity top is customized to work within the space you currently have available. That means regardless of whether you have a single or double basin sink in the bathroom, our team of experts can craft a concrete vanity top that will work within it. We can even create the perfect style and color for the space, to ensure that it captures the décor of the room.

More importantly, concrete is far more affordable than porcelain tile. To lay tile in this space and to create an extravagant space is costly. It is also time consuming and a pain for most people to install. With the concrete top it slips right in and you’ll have an incredible looking space that will leave a lasting impression.

Custom polished concrete vanity

We can even combine this perfect vanity with options like our concrete wall panels in the space to transform a dull and outdated space, into something that your guests comment about. It’s all possible and all it takes is a few measurements and a focus on which direction is ideal for the bathrooms in your home.

Polished concrete vanity

If you’re ready to begin this process, then take the first steps and contact us at Concrete Fair today. Our team will help you to design the perfect vanity that combines the elegance and class you want in your bathroom, with a professionally crafted concrete vanity top.

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