Sealer is everything!

High performance polyurethane sealer, XS-327

A concrete artisan will spend quite some time finding a sealer that enhances the finish they are trying to achieve. Years and years of testing goes into finding a product that is suitable for the desired effect. Here at Coincreit we use a high performance polyurethane sealer, XS-327 It’s a water based sealer and surpasses the abrasion resistance of most solvent-based sealers. XS-327 is safe and non flammable , has meets the strictest of VOC regulations at just 25g/L. XS-327 is available in Matte or Gloss finish and withstands temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The beauty of this sealer is in its ability to be stain resistant and protective while allowing the concrete to retain its organic look and feel.

Sealer provided by Domcrete Sydney