Why choose a polished concrete benchtop?

You may currently be deciding on a home renovation project or even about to embark upon a new build. You are without a doubt in the process of choosing a style, a product, a finish that will compliment your design ideas. Here is a breakdown of why people chose polished concrete benchtops in their homes……

  • Polished concrete is completely customizable, you can have any style, shape, colour and finish that you want.
  • With its Glass Fibre Reinforcement, polished concrete benchtops are light weight in design.
  • Concrete goes with everything! Fresh new contemporary designs see concrete being used to compliment timber joinery, stainless steel and other decorative finishes.
  • Because of the versatile nature of this GFRC, the possibilities are endless and can enhance any interior style from traditional to modern, and Industrial to Contemporary.
  • Its is stain proof and resilient. With the advancement of modern high performance sealers, your benchtop will be incredibly durable and maintenance free.
  • Given it’s unique qualities, your concrete bench will draw the eye and without a doubt will be an impressive statement piece.