Camden Street Restaurant & Bar

Polished Concrete Bar Top

This polished concrete bar top project is associated with the Press Up Group and Pure Fitout. This modern restaurant project showcases a seamless blend of design, construction, and interior aesthetics, resulting in a vibrant and stylish space that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The decision to utilise a neutral grey Natural finish for the chunky concrete bar top is a great choice. Neutral tones like grey can create a versatile and elegant backdrop for a wide range of interior styles, allowing other design elements to pop and stand out.

The use of concrete for the bar top adds a touch of industrial chic to the overall atmosphere. Polished Concrete is known for its durability and ability to be shaped into various forms, making it an excellent choice for a bar top that needs to withstand heavy traffic.

The collaboration between the Press Up Group, Pure Fitout, and our team here at Concrete Fair displays the importance of synergy in executing a successful project. With the Press Up Group’s reputation for creating stylish and unique dining establishments, Pure Fitout demonstrates its expertise in bringing designs to life.

The curved design of the bar adds an extra layer of sophistication and flow to the interior. Curved elements can soften the overall look of a space, encouraging natural movement and interaction among patrons.