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We work with renovators, interior designers & architects, offering a range of exceptional concrete products in a wide variety of finishes and colour combinations. We also work with fit-out specialists on commercial and retail projects, delivering impactful, beautiful and durable pieces – reception desks, furniture, retail counters, bars and more.

We have full control over the whole production process, crafting the pieces in their entirety at our custom built workspace in Cahir, Co Tipperary, Ireland, and so can 100% guarantee the quality of the finished piece, and ensure that the highest standards are maintained at each stage of production. We can also craft pieces on site or in situ – whatever works best for your project. We currently service projects in Ireland and UK, and can deliver and install, or ship direct.

Concrete Wallpanels

Polished concrete wall panels are hand crafted to have a smooth face, exposed aggregate, and offering endless geometric design possibilities.

Sinks, Basins & Vanities

Clean and seamless, a polished concrete sink, basin or vanity top offers a beautiful modern finish to any bathroom.

Concrete Reception Desks

Polished concrete reception desks modernise any space, whilst offering a clean and durable work space that creates instant impact.

Concrete Firepits

The perfect addition to your garden – We craft both solid fuel and gas firepits to your exact size and shape requirements. Order now for Summer Delivery.

Concrete Fire Hearths

A sleek concrete fireplace creates contemporary structural interest in any room, and can be extended to a TV shelf giving great contrast and feature to any living space.

Concrete Retail Counters

Polished concrete counters are perfect for a busy workspace – as they are not only beautiful, they’re durable and low maintenance too.

Concrete Planters

A beautiful polished concrete planter will make the perfect addition to your outdoor space. We custom craft these to your exact specifications.

Concrete Furniture

A polished concrete table top is the perfect way to bring a modern edge to your dining area – polished concrete is cool and smooth to the touch, plus it’s durable and stain proof too.

What’s the process?

Polished Concrete pieces are cast using a mixture of cement and a combination of admixtures such as fibre reinforcement, silica fume pozzolan, and acrylic polymer. Our unique combinations allow for superior strength, durability and enhanced appearance. Once cast, the piece is allowed to cure for a specific time, then it is expertly processed and polished by our team, to reveal the natural beauty of the material beneath.

Polished Concrete pieces are almost always sealed, to protect them from staining, scratching and water absorption. At Concrete Fair we use top quality high performance sealers, that don’t impede on the organic feel or finish of the concrete. Polished concrete can be cast into any shape and size and is completely customisable, so whatever the idea – Contact us now to discuss your project.

What is GFRC?

We specialise in Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

GFRC consists of high strength glass fibre embedded in a cementitious matrix. In this form, both fibres and matrix retain their physical and chemical identities, while offering a combination of properties that can not be achieved with either of the components acting alone.

In general, fibres are the principal load-carrying members, while the surrounding matrix keeps them in the desired locations and orientation, acting as a load exchange medium between the fibres. In fact, the fibres provide reinforcement for the matrix and other useful functions in fibre-reinforced composite materials. Glass fibres can be incorporated into a matrix either in continuous or discontinuous lengths.

By replacing the gravel and sand in conventional concrete with high-tech materials, such as fibreglass and polymers we are able to create statement pieces that are truly unique taking on a sculptural quality.

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