Concrete Fireplace

Floor to Ceiling Concrete Chimney Breast Cladding

Custom making your fire place setting means you can have a floor-to-ceiling concrete fireplace that incorporates the tv and the fire . This type of fireplace is a  visually striking and functional centre-piece for a room.  The concrete finish provides a modern and industrial aesthetic, while the inclusion of a TV and fire element adds functionality and ambiance.

Using shadow gapped concrete panels in this fireplace design creates a unique and visually appealing design feature. Shadow gaps  create a distinct line and shadow effect that adds depth and texture to the design. Shadow gaps often lend themselves to modern and minimalist designs. The clean lines and distinct gaps can contribute to a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, which complements the industrial feel of concrete.

The success of such a design feature depends on how well it complements the overall design of the space. Considering factors such as room layout, lighting, and colour scheme will help you create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing fireplace design.