Dublin Kitchen

30mm Concrete Kitchen Island in Natural

This modern kitchen with polished concrete tops, upstands, and backsplashes presents a highly stylish and functional design that captures the essence of contemporary living. The combination of polished concrete with exposed aggregate finish, paired with dark blue cabinetry, creates a striking visual contrast that exudes modernity and sophistication.

The use of 30mm concrete for the tops provides a sleek and streamlined appearance, aligning well with the minimalist approach. This thickness contributes to the overall sense of modernity and complements the clean lines that define contemporary design.

The exposed aggregate finish on the concrete tops adds a textural dimension to the design. This finish not only enhances the tactile experience but also introduces an element of visual interest. The choice to extend the upstand the length of the counter adds to the continuity in the design. The upstand not only complements the polished concrete tops but also serves a functional purpose by protecting the walls from splashes and spills. This design choice is both practical and visually pleasing.

The inclusion of a concrete backsplash behind the stove further highlights the project’s commitment to both design and function. The concrete backsplash serves as a protective element while adding a distinctive design feature to the kitchen. This detail ensures a practical and easy-to-clean surface.

The integration of slim concrete tops aligns perfectly with the minimalist approach. The slim profile contributes to the uncluttered and streamlined appearance that characterises modern design. This minimalist philosophy extends to the overall kitchen space, creating an inviting and open environment.

The contrast of the polished concrete with a timber-floored kitchen is a brilliant choice. The warmth and natural texture of the timber floor provides a pleasing contrast to the coolness and sleekness of the concrete tops. This blend of materials enhances the visual depth of the space. This kitchen is a testament to the power of thoughtful design to create an environment that is not only visually pleasing but also optimized for modern living.