Penthouse Concrete Kitchen

Polished Concrete Island with Brass Detail

We love when a project calls for seamless integration of different materials and techniques into our concrete designs.  Our ability to incorporate brass into this concrete island  adds a layer of sophistication and uniqueness to these projects.

The incorporation of a brass design that extends from the gable to the counter surface is a striking fusion of materials. Brass, with its warm and elegant appearance, creates a captivating contrast against the concrete backdrop. This combination not only showcases the design creativity but also adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the space.

This project called for precision installation. This kitchen is situated in a penthouse so this concrete island  was craned onto the terrace outside  and then carefully  into the kitchen space.

Our willingness to collaborate with clients and design teams to achieve specific finishes highlights our dedication to delivering personalised and tailored solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that the final result aligns with the vision of our clients while showcasing our expertise and craftsmanship. This consistency in material choices throughout the kitchen and dining area creates an harmonious ambiance.

The concrete island with gables constructed as a single piece is a testament to our technical prowess. This approach contributes to a seamless and uninterrupted design. The combination of a light-coloured hardwood floor, strong blue wallpapered walls, and the concrete island with brass accents creates a balanced and visually captivating environment. This dynamic interplay of colours, textures, and materials adds depth and character to the space while allowing each element to shine.

This project showcases a masterful integration of concrete and brass into a beautifully designed space. Our ability to work collaboratively, incorporate diverse materials, and execute intricate installations underscores our expertise.