Warner Bros. London

Polished Concrete Plinths & Furniture

The collaboration between our team and the Specialist Joinery Group to create custom plinths, reception podiums, and countertops for Warner Brothers Studio is a testament to our craftsmanship and attention to detail. The utilisation of concrete as the primary material showcases its versatility and adaptability in achieving diverse design requirements.

The handcrafted plinths, produced in various sizes, serve as platforms that elevate the presence of the superheroes within the studio. These plinths  provide a functional base for the display while also contributing to the visual impact of the space. This helps to create a dynamic and engaging environment. The addition of  reception podiums and countertops further extend the scope of our work, fulfilling both practical and aesthetic needs.

Concrete’s flexibility as a material of choice offers a wide range of design possibilities. This flexibility ensures that each plinth, podium, and countertop is uniquely designed to enhance the overall impact and functionality of the interior space.

The collaboration with ISG Architects through The Specialist Joinery Group, displays the significance of our work within the context of a larger fit-out project. The synergy between craftsmanship and architectural vision is crucial in delivering a cohesive interior design project. By working closely with the Specialist Joinery Group, we were able to seamlessly integrate our concrete creations into the overarching design scheme envisioned by ISG Architects.

The choice of Warner Brothers Studio as the location for these custom pieces aligns well with the notion of providing solutions to interior needs. The studio environment demands not only functionality but also an infusion of creativity and character that reflects the spirit of iconic superheroes. Our work contributes to an environment that captures the essence of the studio.

Our handcrafted concrete plinths, reception podiums, and countertops are integral to the fit-out of Warner Brothers Studio. The use of concrete as a versatile material allows for the production of customised pieces that fulfil both functional and aesthetic requirements.