The Dean Hotel Cork

Concrete Bar Top in Concrete Fair Natural Finish

The involvement of our team in crafting the polished concrete Bar Top at Sophie’s Bar within The Dean in Cork City, a project by the Press Up Group, speaks to our commitment to creating striking and functional interior elements.  The collaboration between O’Donnell O’Neill Designers showcases a holistic approach to design and execution.

The concrete bar top design by O’Donnell O’Neill immediately paints a picture of elegant and sophisticated aesthetics. The incorporation of curves can soften the overall look and create a visually dynamic focal point.

The fact that the bar was hoisted by a crane to the rooftop of the hotel indicates a high level of precision and engineering involved in the installation. Such methods highlight the dedication to seamless execution and the ability to tackle logistical challenges.

The use of polished concrete for the countertops reflects a dedication to both durability and aesthetics. Concrete is renowned for its strength, making it a suitable material for high-traffic areas like bars. The polished finish adds a touch of refinement to the space.

The Natural finish concrete bar aligns with modern design sensibilities that emphasize a connection to natural materials. This choice can add warmth to the space while maintaining a contemporary look.

The top-floor installation carries an inherent sense of exclusivity and offers  stunning views. This adds a layer of sophistication to the experience of visiting Sophie’s Bar.

The combination of a welcoming and stylish atmosphere is indicative of the Press Up Group’s commitment to providing memorable experiences for their patrons. The collaboration with Pure Fit Out underscores the importance of well-executed fit-outs in creating cohesive and appealing spaces.

The project at Sophie’s Bar within The Dean demonstrates the integration of design, craftsmanship, and logistical precision. The use of polished concrete countertops and the attention to detail in the curved design contribute to an environment that is both inviting and visually captivating. The project seems to successfully encapsulate the Press Up Group’s dedication to creating unique and memorable spaces.