The Mayson Hotel Dublin

Custom Orange Concrete Basins

The comprehensive work undertaken for The Mayson showcases a dedication to creating a harmonious and functional bathroom space. Our ability to deliver various designs of concrete basins for this project is impressive and reflects a commitment to meeting diverse user needs.

The customisation offered through handcrafted polished concrete sinks is a hallmark of thoughtful design. The integrated, counter-mounted, and under-mount options provide a range of choices that can cater to different preferences and design aesthetics. This versatility ensures that each bathroom basin aligns seamlessly with the overall design concept.

The inclusion of a variety of colours in the polished concrete sinks contributes to a visually rich and engaging environment.

Incorporating polished concrete sinks, countertops, and wall caps further demonstrates a comprehensive approach to designing with concrete. These elements provide both functional and aesthetic value, creating a cohesive look throughout the space.

The collaboration with O Donnell O Neill Designers indicates a commitment to working with professionals who understand the nuances of creating a visually appealing and functional hotel environment.

The fact that the project required an installation schedule per floor showcases effective project management. The coordination provided by Pure Fit Out suggests a smooth execution of the project, ensuring that each floor’s installation was carried out efficiently.

The choice of orange rectangular basins as a feature adds a bold and dynamic touch to the design. This choice of colour and shape can serve as a memorable and distinctive element within the hotel’s bathrooms.

It’s apparent that the design choices align with the urban and contemporary vibe that many city hotels aim to achieve.

This project for The Mayson reflects a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to modern hotel design. The diverse range of concrete basin designs, the collaboration with designers, and the efficient execution all contribute to an environment that’s both stylish and functional.