Modern Bathroom or Powder Room Concrete Basin - Concrete FairModern Bathroom or Powder Room Concrete Basin - Concrete Fair


Dimensions:  500mm x 350mm x 105mm  with a wall thickness of 20mm.

Colour: Please browse are extensive concrete and terrazzo shades here

Weight/Capacity: Gara weighs approximately up to 18kgs and holds 18 litres

Taps: Ideal spout projection is approximately 175mm. Gara is compatible with all standard unslotted wastes

Tap, wastes and trap not included.

Brackets: A bracket for this basin can be selected from our Shop products or can purchased here.

Estimated Delivery Time: 6 – 8 weeks

Images are for guidance only – due to the hand crafted nature of the product, exact colour and finish may vary.

Colour reference tiles are a GUIDE ONLY and are not exact due to the materiality and the hand crafted nature of the product.

Blue Pigment : Colours in blue and that have a blue pigment in them tend to be variable in tone, this is due to a global blue pigment shortage. It is advisable to order a sample before purchase.

Prices quoted are  inclusive of VAT . Delivery of this product within Ireland is €65 + VAT .Please contact us for a delivery price to the UK. More information on Delivery and Returns can be found here.



Contemporary natural finish

The Gara basin presents itself as a captivating blend of simplicity and beauty, offering clean lines and a low profile that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your modern bathroom or Powder Room. Its design is a testament to the idea that elegance can be achieved through understated sophistication. The Gara basin’s clean lines and low-profile design create a visual impact that adds depth to the overall ambiance of your space, making it a standout feature that complements a modern bathroom or Powder Room.

Crafted with precision, the Gara concrete basin exemplifies the quality that comes with handcrafted products. Made entirely in Ireland, this basin showcases the dedication to detail and craftsmanship that go into its creation. Whether for residential or commercial use, the Gara basin provides a versatile solution that adapts to various settings while retaining its striking presence.

The rectangular shape of the basin not only delivers a contemporary appearance but also contributes to a sense of modernity. Rectangular designs often evoke a sleek and sophisticated feel, making the Gara basin an elegant addition that elevates the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. The refined lines of this design contribute to a clean and organized aesthetic.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Gara basin is the use of concrete as its primary material. Concrete offers a remarkable combination of durability, functionality, and style. Its robust nature ensures that the basin will withstand the test of time, remaining a functional and visually appealing fixture in your bathroom for years to come. Moreover, concrete’s ease of maintenance ensures that the basin’s appearance remains pristine with minimal effort.

The Gara basin’s colour options allow you to personalise your bathroom space to match your preferences and interior design scheme. The availability of custom shades further adds to its versatility, enabling you to create a unique and tailored look for your bathroom.